Today I should have been running in Race for Life……however due to

1. Only being able to get three “runs” in as practice – thanks to

a) splitting the skin between my toes and sole making it painful to walk let alone run

b) my netball trainers not really being up to the job and causing me massive pain in the front of my legs after each practice run – and me being too tight to buy special running shoes when know deep down I aint going to be taking up running full time!

2) Failing to get any sponsors – because not badgered anybody at all to sponsor me – I want to do a sponsored walk later in the year and don’t want to keep hassling people for money all the time!

So……yes I feel bad, yes I feel like I’ve let myself down, my family down, my non existent sponsors down and Cancer Research down!…..well actually I just feel I’ve let Cancer Research down so…to make up for it I signed up today to their monthly donation scheme on their site here….

Now I don’t feel so bad!

Total Cost of New Thing Tried Today
£5 a month!

Picture 3